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Complete articular fracture.


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    Complete articular fracture paper presents the experience of the authors regarding the indications and results of the most accepted surgical methods, including late complications affecting the knee Material and method: 36 patients with closed distal femoral fractures yrs old operated in Bucharest, Clinical Emergency Hospital, Orthopedics and Trauma Clinic, were retrospectively studied from the point of view of the fracture and implant type, functional results and complications Results: Most of the fractures were high energy comminuted fractures 27 casesmainly with articular involvement.

    Retrograde nail was used in type A fractures, while plating LCP was the main indication for type C fractures. The functional outcome was correlated with the fracture type and the incidence of complications was higher in type A3, C2 and C3 fractures Conclusion: Anatomical reduction of the articular surface, restoration of functional anatomy and stable fixation are mandatory for an optimal knee function after distal femoral fractures.

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    Keywords: distal femoral fracture, articular fracture, angular stability plate, retrograde nail.